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The Association of the French Schools in North America (AFSA) is a membership organization of elementary and secondary schools in the United States and Canada, all of which are accredited by the French Ministry of National Education. The official French curriculum taught in these schools is enriched by aspects of North American culture and educational practice, and by the mastery of English as it is spoken in the United States and Canada. AFSA’s member schools educate bilingual, bicultural students, whose academic excellence prepares them for entrance to the finest European and North American universities. There are currently 50 AFSA schools throughout the US and Canada. The level of French immersion and the number of subjects taught in English vary by school and grade level.

Techniques of the Language Immersion in Language Course:

What is Language Immersion?

In the world of advancement, learning is the fundamental priority. However, most people take up learning as a hobby especially learning the various forms of language. This has led to the growth of language immersion. Language Immersion is considered the most effective technique of teaching in language schools overages, and language immersion aims at teaching the desirable language as the language that is to be learned.

The different method involved in the language immersion in the Language Immersion

The method of Language immersion involves the teaching incorporate with the immersing factor of the targeted language. French immersion North America was to be learned was considered as the subject that uses the recent techniques to revise the form of the better learning experience. All the information and instructions are measured out in the targeted language, and it is used as the technique of learning not only in the classroom but also outside of it.

Students attending the schools are wanted to learn the language as well. Instead of the setting down of the classroom-based English courses, all the subjects are taught in the English Language. Everyday activities like meals are also conducted in the English language nowadays. You can get acquainted with this French program bilingual school classes while attending a Spanish course or a French course as well.


A thin line difference exists between the immersion and submersion process of the language immersion. In the former, the targeted language is learned by each and everyone in the class. Submersion is while only a couple of learning a language is the first language for the rest of the classes. Learning the language is the method of immersion which is very difficult for the students to take the knowledge of the language immersion and as much knowledge about the different languages as possible.

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